Who do you say you are?

by May 14, 2018

Lately, I have been having a bit of an identity crisis. I have been allowing how people see me, or think of me, or how I think they think of me, to define me.

I have been allowing the voice of the devil to run rampant in my mind, overtaking every thought I have had.

When you hear someone say something about you, do you think that is you? Like that is who you are?

I have struggled over the years with self-confidence. “You aren’t wearing the trendiest stuff” or “your outfit doesn’t match”, “your hair is frizzy”. Picking out my own flaws. “Do they really want to be my friend?” You get the picture.

I have become so self-aware lately of this negative talk, that it is not something I want to accept.

I have this picture I made on my wall that I look at every day, that I have memorised, that is God’s spoken word.

When I actually stop, and speak them out loud, my spirit is instantly peaceful. No voice from the enemy will take me captive in those moments.

It’s a choice. You can choose to listen to the voices of the enemy, or you can choose to listen to the voice of God. Each time I notice when these thoughts are there, and I choose to speak God’s word over myself, it’s one step in the direction of change.

The voice of encouragement, the voice that says, “you are a child of God”, “you are fearfully and wonderfully made”, “before you were created in your mother’s womb I set you apart”. The voice that says “I am a great mum”, “I nailed that dinner”.

I am on a journey of self-loving every part of my outer self, but also my inner self. I think once you can start loving yourself on the inside, it will flow on the outer.

I love to encourage people. How great they are, and how loved they are. I see broken, hurt people, and my prayer is for them to know how loved they are and for them to love themselves. But I have been challenged, that to fully love people you have to first love yourself.

I also think it’s so easy to let our circumstances define us. I have had thoughts like, “I’m not a good mum because Piper can’t do all these things”. These are things completely out of my control, and in no way a reflection of me.

Again, that’s a lie from the enemy. He puts these thoughts and doubts in our mind. It’s so easy to pick out the faults in ourselves. But what about all the beautiful things?

Jesus sees you, He created every single part of you. There are lots of parts to us, imperfect parts, beautiful parts, broken parts, painful parts, funny parts, kind parts, confused parts, sad parts and happy parts. They are all parts, parts that make us, us; that make us unique.

Who do you say you are?

You are loved, every part. You are worthy. You are set apart. You have a purpose. You have been accepted by Christ. You are beautiful. You are forgiven. You are clothed in joy. You have peace that surpasses understanding.

Just let that sink in.

God is greater than our feelings. He is the light of the world and you are the light in someone’s world, called out of darkness into light.

“My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
– Galatians 2:20